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The Future of Management

The Future of ManagementThis book is one of my favorites. The Future of Management is written by Gary Hamel, known as an expert within leadership and business organizational development.

One of the reasons I like the book is that it is very close to my own thinking about how to set up and run a successful business. A success that gives the customer an excellent value and that makes the personnel happy and makes a good profit.

In the book Gary Hamel describes several companies that have a diametrical opposite view of how to run a business – and  they succeed. Some of the companies mentioned are Google, Gore, and Wholefoods market. Those of you that attend my training sessions and seminars know that I also talk about them as I have studied them further.

The book is divided into four parts. The first part describes why management innovation matters. The second chapter talks about the management innovation in action. The third part describes how we can imagine the future of management. The last part teaches us how to build the future of management.

This book is a must for all who are interested in how we are going to spend the rest of our lives, that is the future, when it comes to business organizations.

About the Author Matts Rehnstrom

Matts helps Business Analysts, especially those who work in government administration, to design efficient and high quality business processes for their clients so they are able to deliver value in a sustainable and transparent manner.With over 20 years of advanced business process design in both IT and government, he can show you a simple ‘Business Excellence’ formula which dramatically reduces the time required to design a process as well as ensures it is created in a way which is optimized for the people who actually do the work.The health of the business and the people working in it is always at the forefront of how I help business analysts design their processes.➔➔If you are a business analyst who wants to ensure you deliver the best possible outcome for their clients (especially if your current project is not running perfectly according to plan!) then Matts can help you.