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How to Prevent Your Business from Diminishing the Improvements (BV10)

Hi there, Matt Rehnstrom here, Shaper of Business Excellence. In this video I’m going to describe how you can prevent the business from diminishing their own improvements.

When Self Doubt Creeps In

I see a recurring problem and that is that when I work with businesses  initially, they’re very enthusiastic. They’re have very good ideas that I help them come up with for their improvement. So I teach them how to do that and then I succeed because they have a lot of good ideas. But the problem that I see is in a couple of weeks or months when we look at a process again and when it’s time to implement it, they doubt themselves.

They say, “Wait a minute, what is this?” “Um, what did we mean?” or “Can we really do it like this?” If they remember what they came up with.

So somehow, they feel that, “Wait a minute, now I need to take a step back. It can’t be as good as I thought before, as we thought before.”

Business Can’t Realize Its Full Potential

And what happens if they continue with that, they will then diminish their improvement in their business.  Instead of, for example, if they at level 40 right now and they are aiming for level 100 and they can reach hundred, but when they start to doubt themselves, they only reach maybe 52 or 55 out of this100.

So, they only increased from 40 to 52 instead of going from 40 to 100 because they diminish their possibility of improvement. And the solution as I see it is that you as a business analyst, you have been a part of their journey in improving and coming up with good improvements. You need to continue to guide them further on. So, they can continue to implement all these good improvements that they had in mind. If you don’t do it, nobody will because they will actually fall back.

You Have  to Reassure Them And Push Forward

They will diminish their own abilities and they will fail compared to the hundred that they could reach. So you have a vital part there. As a business analyst, you need to go in and you need to make sure that you continue to be the catalyst of their improvement, so learn of their improvement, their wanted improvement, and then help them when they doubt themselves. You need there to be there to guide them. Okay?

About the Author Matts Rehnstrom

Matts helps Business Analysts, especially those who work in government administration, to design efficient and high quality business processes for their clients so they are able to deliver value in a sustainable and transparent manner.With over 20 years of advanced business process design in both IT and government, he can show you a simple ‘Business Excellence’ formula which dramatically reduces the time required to design a process as well as ensures it is created in a way which is optimized for the people who actually do the work.The health of the business and the people working in it is always at the forefront of how I help business analysts design their processes.➔➔If you are a business analyst who wants to ensure you deliver the best possible outcome for their clients (especially if your current project is not running perfectly according to plan!) then Matts can help you.