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How to Find Successful Customer Outcomes-BV37

How to Find Your Successful Customer Outcome(BV37)

In this video, I'm going to talk about the customer experience and the successful customer outcome. Hi there, Matts Rehnstrom here, Shaper of Business Excellence. And welcome to this series where I'm talking about the Business Excellence Components and the relationship between them and why it's so important for you to understand what they are and how to build them and how to excel in those components because together they will improve your business. They will build your business in a way that you want to have success.

Stakeholder Identification

Okay, so far we've been talking about the higher level of components. We have deep dived into the product and the market identification as well. Uh, but I'm just zooming the way through where we have been. So we've been talking about all these, the business idea, the vision and so on.

But we've also talked about the stakeholder identification and why it was so important to identify what people are interested in your organization and what processes you need in order to take care of their interest.

What are Your Customers Interested In?

But we don't really know in detail what they're interested are, uh, what their interests are and what, how do they look or do we? Yeah, maybe because we have taken one of these stakeholders, which is this customer and we then moved down to the customer or the market identification.

So in the previous video, I talked about the market identification and how you can then identify your avatar or avatars because you will have several of them. And understand how they think, how do they day looks, and how they live their lives.

And now in this video, we will refine that and move over to the customer experience, the needs, the wants, and the successful customer outcome. And here we see the need of having an understanding of what your clients, what the market, what do they really need, what do they want?

Customer Segmentation and Defining their Needs

So if you have then segment them and say that you'll find 10 of them and you do, you have done 10 avatars because now you identify those 10.

Now you can go in and ask for each and every one of them, what do they want and what do they need? And what is the successful customer outcome and what is a successful customer outcome? That is what makes them happy in the end. Can you now in the early stage, because before you're actually starting to deliver to them.

Yeah, I know that you're delivering all the day, but now we're thinking into the future on the much better you. So what would it look like? What would a successful customer outlook or outcome look like? What will make the customers say, "Yes, I, I've done, I've got what I want? I'm so happy?"

Difference Between Customer Wants and Needs

So that you need to identify for each and every one of these avatars and I would like to just emphasize the difference the want and the need.

This is Henry Ford, as I assume you recognize. And Henry Ford said once that if I asked people what they wanted, they would have said that they want faster horses. But Henry Ford had another idea. He wanted to give them something that they needed. They didn't need or they didn't want. Actually. They wanted faster horses, but they needed transportation.

That's what the customers were looking for and by looking for the transportation, Henry Ford could give them the car and the car then solved a lot of issues around horses and the need for faster horses. And just one thing that it solved was the manure crisis that we had all over the world.  So I found this article about the manure crisis in London where people then tried to solve the issue of having manure laying on the street, but with a car that issue went away.

Yep, we had other issues. I know we see that with the climate change going on. But manure, no, we don't have manure in the street. So you need them to understand the clients that you have and what they want and to take an extra turn and think about what they really need.

Customer Needs and Your Product Portfolio

And what do you have in your product portfolio that can give them what they really need in order to be happy? And if they're happy, that could be then the part of the successful outcome. So then you have solved that formula, that mystery as well. What will make them happy? Yeah, we give them what they truly need and that is what all this is about.

So with this, if you like to have this poster and you can have it for free, just click here and this link will take you to a page where you can download it and you can go through it yourself and understand all the different components. You can read more about them and you understand how they relate to each other. And if you have any questions whatsoever, just reach out to me and I will answer them for you as good as I can. With that said, let's go and shape our business for excellence.

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