MY Commitment

For a long time, I have wanted to make an difference, more than just helping companies and organizations evolve towards Business Excellence. Things that we take for granted, like food, shelter, running water are something that vast numbers of people go without everyday.

It’s all about building a better future, not just in business, but for people who are striving to move forwards in a difficult environment.

Today's children are tomorrow's adults. The children deserve education, security and clean water and full stomachs, in order to grow up, living in freedom and with the skills to take care of and provide for themselves and their future family.

I’m incredibly excited and inspired by the projects I’m part of. I also want to say that I’m are very grateful for your support.

Because of the work we do together on building your business, you give me the opportunity to help others.

My vision is to allocate 10% of profit to helping children in the world.  I hope you want to be part of this commitment!

Projects with the Children's Fund

I’m so proud to be in partnership with Barnfoden. This is an organisation that focuses on helping children from impoverished backgrounds worldwide.

I’m currently working with them on two projects, it’s so rewarding seeing the projects come together and the impact they have on the surrounding communities.

Toilets for a high school school in Togo

The school, which is a high school, is located in northern Togo, east of the city of Bafilo. The school is quite big, with 950 students, but they lacked restrooms and sinks.

This means that the children and teachers are forced to run into the forest behind the school to meet their needs. 

Some people prefer to run home to use the toilet, meaning that they miss part of the education. For girls this is particularly difficult when they start menstruating as they do not want to go out into the woods.


This means that they stay at home one week a month, thus missing 25% of the education, missing out on a huge part of their schooling that puts them at a massive disadvantage going forwards.

By having this facility, it allows children to learn better and, of course, it increases the degree of hygiene in the school as well. The girls now have the opportunity to keep the same pace as boys, as they can participate in all classes. This is such an important part in helping raise the country from poverty.

Electricity in the classroom in Mali

It is a challenge for the schools to be able to teach people, both adults and children, without the right facilities.

This was the case in this school. The school wanted to use evenings to teach adults from the community with reading and the written word, but if you have no lighting and can’t even see the blackboard it’s impossible.

They tried their best and were using candles and gas lamps, but it’s still not the best learning environment. It is difficult to read for any length of time in low light.

By being able to pull in electricity in the classroom using  solar panel to the roof, it is now possible to get a good lighting together with low energy lamps. The key factor in this is that the school is self reliant and using sustainable energy and it is a simple system that requires very little upkeep or ongoing expense.

This means that whether the sun is up or down the classroom is well light and can be used by anyone that is keen to learn.

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