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Schoooooooools Out for ….. Never!

You may well have heard the song “School’s out” by Alice Cooper. I remember, when I was young, I always listened to that particular song at this time of the year. I really liked the song and consequently enjoyed listening to it. The reason for  playing it was clear – now it is time for […]

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Where is the Customer in a Labour Controversy?

During the springtime in Scandinavia,  every two or so years, there is much discussion about new agreements between the employers organizations and the employees organizations. The need for renegotiation is dependent upon how long ago the last agreement was made.  This can also mean that there is a risk of conflict at this time in […]

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What is the Customer Experience?

Last week I was a speaker at the Vitalis Conference. This was for the health care sector with a focus on the e-Health. My speech was entitled The Patients Experience Equals the Process. In my speech I focused on the fact that the person who does not feel well, experiences several organizational units through their “travels” […]

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