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Everything Counts!

Written by  Gary Ryan Blair This book is an interesting 360 view of how a lot of important components tie together in order for you to succeed with whatever you like to accomplish. When you see the different components and their importance, it gives you a humble perspective of the complexity, and also a feeling […]

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Business Process Management – The Third Wave

This book, written by Howard Smith and Peter Fingar, is an interesting book for those who want to understand the power of Business Process Management (BPM). BPM is both a philosophy and an IT approach. For all of you that want to learn about the thinking of processes in your business, and those of you […]

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The Future of Management

This book is one of my favorites. The Future of Management is written by Gary Hamel, known as an expert within leadership and business organizational development. One of the reasons I like the book is that it is very close to my own thinking about how to set up and run a successful business. A […]

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Go for No!

This is a small and interesting book. I say small, as it is no more than 80 pages. It describes how by thinking in the opposite way to traditional thinking, one gets results that are fantastic. These thoughts make you overcome the fear of getting a “NO!” That NO can be the answer that you […]

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The Toyota Way

The Toyota Way is a very interesting book. It has become a classic in the description of the success of Toyota. Toyota have through a focused and resilient work become the largest car manufacturer in the world. That is amazing, as they started out during a tough time after the second world war, and later […]

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Business Excellence Revolution

You need an extraordinary mindset to meet the potentially overwhelming challenges that await you and your organization. Challenges such as increasing demands for speed and quality. Challenges that are further complicated by rapidly changing demographics, globalization and exponential technical development. Matts Rehnström, with more than 20 years of experience in Business Development, describes the keys to […]

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Change Agents

By Matts Rehnström, Brian Tracy and other World Leading Experts. “Nothing endures but change.” This phrase, which we have attributed to Heraclitus, was probably around in one form or another since the beginning of time. Each one of us, without exception, will change as we age. Why do we change? Change is a basic survival […]

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