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Book Release!

Boksläpp 121210 001This weeks blog post could be conceived as a little introspective, in that I’m writing about my book release.

The Swedish version of my book is released today, December 10th. You may agree with  my friend Matz Engman, the CEO of the Luleå Business Agency, commenting during the  the book release party; “Matts is really cocky, to have his book release party on the same day as the Nobel Prize Ceremony is taking place”.

The book is currently being translated into English and will be released during spring 2013. You are welcome to take a look at a part of the book (Swedish). You can of course always follow the link even though you do not understand Swedish, however, I cannot guarantee that it would make much sense. 😉

You can read more about my book at the book page (both Swedish and English).

I hope that my book to inspires you to focus on the efficiency of delivering value to your customers, if we were more efficient in our organization we would also be more popular with our customers and therefore more successful. We  always need to work towards Business Excellence and to constantly look for ways in which to improve. A successful organization has satisfied customers, proud co-workers and happy owners.

About the Author Matts Rehnstrom

Matts helps Business Analysts, especially those who work in government administration, to design efficient and high quality business processes for their clients so they are able to deliver value in a sustainable and transparent manner. With over 20 years of advanced business process design in both IT and government, he can show you a simple ‘Business Excellence’ formula which dramatically reduces the time required to design a process as well as ensures it is created in a way which is optimized for the people who actually do the work. The health of the business and the people working in it is always at the forefront of how I help business analysts design their processes. ➔➔If you are a business analyst who wants to ensure you deliver the best possible outcome for their clients (especially if your current project is not running perfectly according to plan!) then Matts can help you.