Matts Rehnström is a Swedish leader and entrepreneur. He got his start in the leadership industry at the Officer’s Candidate School. He was impressed with how the right leadership could make people work together and handle situations in an environment that is very dangerous and volatile. That led to further studies on the subject of leadership. 

He has later worked outside the military as a project manager for several large projects, projects that focused on increasing the customer’s efficiency by implementing IT operational systems. Matts then started to look at businesses that need to organize themselves in order to be truly efficient, customer focused and profitable.

In 1999 Matts built a customer service organization for one of the larger Swedish IT development firms. His knowledge about putting the customer first in everything that you do served the organization well. The service process gave almost an instant increase in profit margin to more than 30%. 

At the end of 2003 Matts started a company focusing on helping businesses in need of both a better-structured organization and operational system support. Matts has focused on training and coaching his customers, so they could design, develop and lead their new organizations more efficiently. The set of tools and techniques that Matts bring with him include; LEAN, Six Sigma, EFQM, and Deming’s principles of management.

Matts Rehnström

Marie Holmqvist


His skills are very high in the area of BPM (Business Process Management) and his ability to quickly understand new processes are very high. Matts is a good listener and analyst.

He is a very skilled presenter and can in a very easy and understandable way explain his message. He is also an outgoing, social personality and a great team worker who never hesitates to roll up his sleeves in order to dig into details.

Berne Landgren

Gaia Leadership

Matts is genuine dedicated to understand how to make organizations more efficient. He unities his abilities and perspectives in both IT and operations in a unique way.

This, combined with his strong social skills, enables him to handle the most difficult problems and to achieve ground-breaking results.

Patrik Samin

Luleå University of Technology

Matts is a very competent and experienced operations developer. Based on his career and experiences, his leadership has influences from Sweden, the U.S., and Japan with Kaizen as the heart and soul.

He is a structured person who supports and drives the customers forward, creates good results and is very appreciated by his co-workers.

Bengt Wallentin


Matts Rehnström is a person that is spearheading the application of Business Process thinking and technology to organizations.

Matts has a long experience from management positions, theoretical- and practical projects and has contributed to the implementation of one of the worlds largest Business Process as a Service Cloud Networks embracing more than 70 countries. Matts is a very professional, highly productive and innovative person that is a pleasure to work with.

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