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Playbook Creation System

Playbook Creation System

A playbook is an detailed description of how to win in business. Just like your phone stores your contacts information and keeps track of your appointments and daily activities - a playbook is where you store all of your value creating activities for your business.

Imagine keeping track of all of the phone numbers yourself.... Well.. Unfortunately, you are doing exactly that about the most important things in your business right now. And that is EXACTLY why you are feeling overwhelmed with information and can't get stuff done as fast as you would like.

Every single successful company and business owner has a clearly defined document outlining how they create value.

Winning companies have a playbook. Period.

Certified Process Master

The Certified Process Master is aimed at people who will be leading forces in the transformation of their businesses.

Working in a leading position demands a thorough understanding of the theory behind the Process Organization and how to improve, design and analyze processes. Advanced planning and team management skills are also crucial. This course will provide you with this essential combination of skills and knowledge. It is the most advanced training we offer and contains six modules. The live version includes twelve full days of training over a six month period.

Participants who complete a written test and can demonstrate successful application of the skills acquired receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Certified Process Master
Process Designers Training Course

Process Designers Playbook

You might know WHAT needs to be done to improve your business but you also need to know HOW to apply your knowledge.

The Process Designer Playbook training will provide you with the skills you need to successfully analyze the current situation a business finds itself in and to design new, more effective, customer value creating processes.

Designing processes is an important strategic skill that must be done correctly – otherwise your project will end up the way many other projects do; after months of work, management sees no progress and then terminates the project.

This course will provide the knowledge and skills you need to ensure that your projects and processes are designed efficiently, effectively and with genuine results in focus.

Change Agents

“Nothing endures but change.” This phrase, which we have attributed to Heraclitus, was probably around in one form or another since the beginning of time. Each one of us, without exception, will change as we age.

Why do we change? Change is a basic survival mechanism. Changes may be seen to be caused by internal or external factors. Youth and inexperience love change. As we get older, we develop a resistance to change – at times to our detriment. Adopting and promoting change in our lives as well as the lives of others is a progressive and entrepreneurial trait.

The Celebrity Experts® in this book have attained success by changing both themselves and the world around them to some degree. Descriptively known as Agents of Change, the Celebrity Experts® in this book seek to make new inroads into the fields of expertise they represent.

Never afraid of change, however difficult, they know that they will never enjoy the sweet taste of success by only doing what everyone else does. That kind of effortless success is called winning the lottery – not good odds. Change Agents lead the way. They prefer to be the ones blazing trails and making changes. If you wish to use their proven methods and be guided by these Change Agents, the Celebrity Experts® in this book will show you the way.

Change Agents

The Golden Nuggets
To Lead A Highly
Successful Business

In this book you will find 36 golden nuggets on how to set up your business to be truly excellent, and become one of the shining stars of the business world.

This book will give you more control of your business. You will learn how to provide your customers with outstanding value. So much value that they will want to share the story with others, creating more customers in the process.

You are about to embark on a journey that will take you through the transformation process of how to become a successful business and organization.

Lite Som Dalai Lama Fast För Organisationer

Om du är ansvarig för att leda en effektivare och lönsammare verksamhet, då är detta en bok som kommer att hjälpa dig!

Här får du tips och idéer på hur du skall möta framtidens utmaningar. Ditt sätt att tänka är avgörande för att organisationen skall lyckas.

Framtidens utmaningar har redan hunnit ikapp många organisationer. Allt ska göras både snabbare och bättre, med mindre resurser. Med rätt information till hands så kan du rädda din organisation från en besvärlig situation, innan den uppkommer.

I denna bok lär du dig det grundläggande orsakerna till varför organisationer inte mäktar med, och hur du gör för att bli så flexibel som framtiden kräver.


Matts Rehnstrom is a Swedish leader and entrepreneur. He got his start in the leadership industry at the Officer’s Candidate School. He was impressed with how the right leadership could make people work together and handle situations in an environment that is very dangerous and frightening. That led to further studies on the subject of leadership.

He has later worked outside the military as a project manger for several large projects, projects that focused on increasing the customer’s efficiency by implementing IT operational systems. Matts then started to look at businesses in need to organize themselves in order to be truly efficient, customer focused and profitable.

1999 Matts built a customer service organization for one of the larger Swedish IT development firms. His knowledge about putting the customer first in everything that you do served the organization well. The service process gave almost an instant profit margin of more than 30%.

In the end of 2003 Matts started a company focusing on helping businesses in need of both a better-structured organization and operational system support. During the years to come Matts had the focus on training and coaching the customers, so they could design, develop and lead the new organizations more efficiently.

The set of tools and techniques that Matts bring with him are among others; LEAN, Six Sigma, EFQM, and Deming’s principles of management.

Matts Rehnstrom

Brian Tracy

Matts has performed amazing transformational work with organizations. He has helped organizations to increase their profits and reduce costs simply by helping them become genuinely customer-focused. Matts has the talent, skill and methods to help you take your business and your career to the next level. I suggest that you contact Matts as soon as possible and make sure that Matts is involved in your continued journey to Business Excellence.

Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International
Marie Holmqvist

His skills are very high in the area of BPM (Business Process Management) and his ability to quickly understand new processes are very high. Matts is a good listener and analyst. He is a very skilled presenter and can in a very easy and understandable way explain his message. He is also an outgoing, social personality and a great team worker who never hesitates to roll up his sleeves in order to dig into details.

Marie Holmqvist, Nordea
Patrik Samin

Matts is a very competent and experienced operations developer. Based on his career and experiences, his leadership has influences from Sweden, the U.S., and Japan with Kaizen as the heart and soul. He is a structured person who supports and drives the customers forward, creates good results and is very appreciated by his co-workers.

Patrik Samin, Luleå University of Technology
Berne Landgren

Matts is genuine dedicated to understand how to make organizations more efficient. He unities his abilities and perspectives in both IT and operations in a unique way. This, combined with his strong social skills, enables him to handle the most difficult problems and to achieve ground-breaking results.

Berne Landgren, Gaia Leadership